Steven Jacobsen

As we look back at the summer of golf tournaments, big and small, that have been held around the country it is well deserved congratulations that need to go to all Superintendents and their crews for the magnificent way that all the courses have been presented and the way that these efforts represent our industry. Considering the different extremes of weather being experienced across the country it is even more of an achievement. In our backyard we were well represented by Martyn Black at Castle Hill Country Club with the NSW Open and Steve Marsden at Royal Sydney Golf Club with the Australian Open.

At this time we are about to set dates for workshops to assess the results from the Environmental Compliance Pilot Program. The dates and venues for the 3 workshops will be announced shortly after the next Board meeting in mid February. These workshops will allow the NSWG CSA to then make informed decisions about the future direction of a ‘Minimum Standards Compliance Program’ to be rolled out for all NSW golf clubs to be a part of.

While listening to Dr John Kaminski last month, I was reminded that it is the core work that we undertake during spring renovations and the period following that sets us up for the rest of the summer season because once we see disease it is too late, the damage is done. In the few weeks since hearing Dr Kaminski, with the weather making our life’s harder for everyone (just the location varies); it has occurred to me that we should try to get back to some of the core goals that prompted the forming of our Association to start with. As I see it, the 2 biggest things were to promote our profession and for a framework that allowed Superintendents to get together to share ideas and lend mutual support to other members. With this in mind and a suggestion made by Mark Parker some time back, I intend to pursue the viability of a get together for Superintendents only in an open forum where any topic is open for discussion, all questions are invited because hopefully someone can provide an answer and to determine what widespread issues that we are currently aware of need to be addressed. Part of this proposal will include repeating this in regional areas as appropriate to also highlight regional specific problems that the NSWG CSA or AGCSA can help to address. The ‘Minimum Standard Compliance Pilot Program’ will also be on the agenda to gain feedback and thoughts from the wider membership before we proceed with releasing it any further. Experience has shown me that when there are only Superintendents in the room discussion becomes a lot more open about the things that cause us grief and this is what we as Superintendents need to have more often. This opportunity is available to myself and the others on the NSWGCSA Board at the end of each quarterly meeting or in the numerous phone calls to each other or to other Superintendents that we have reason to speak with. A lot of Superintendents do regularly get together or talk to neighbouring Superintendents, but I want to try to upscale this to make it more common across the industry again as in days gone by, because you only have to learn or pick-up one thing that helps and it is worth the effort to you and your employer.

Hopefully everyone had a good Christmas and a good start to the New Year and we can all hang in there until the weather changes in our favour. Remember we can only do what we can, with the resources available and the health of yourself and your family is by far the most important thing in life.

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