The NSW Golf Course Superintendents Association Board of Directors has appointed a new Interim President after the shock resignation of Craig Molloy who has accepted the position of General Manager at his current club. Martin O’Malley of Lynwood Golf Club has accepted the position of President for the Association, which is to be confirmed at the AGM later this year. We welcome Martin’s enthusiasm to the role.

Martin has worked as Golf Course Manager at Riverside Oaks and a Golf Course Superintendent at Lynwood Country Club. Martin has been looking after the portfolio of Environment since his appointment to the board in 2009. Martin will carry on from Craig Molloy with introduction of the Environmental Minimum Standards program to all the golf courses in New South Wales and represent the Association best interests.

There has also been a little reshuffle of the portfolios, the details are all as below:-
Martin O’Malley
• President 
• Environment

Ryan Fury
• Secretary

Steve Jacobsen
• Treasurer

• Malcolm Harris
• Education
• Awards

Matthew Goodbun
• Newsletter

Stuart Hall
• Advertising
• Sponsorship
• Merchandise

Dennis Grounds
• Field Days

Shane George
• Field Days

Alison Jones
• Administration
• Membership
• Environment

The Board of Directors would also like you to be aware that there are vacancies; you could take this as an opportunity to learn more about the golf industry whilst giving back to your fellow associates. The association has administration support for all directors. Should you be interested in give the association your dedication please feel free to contact any of the board.