Two of the NSWGCSA’s constitution’s objectives are “the improvement of golf courses and the furtherance of the knowledge of Golf Course Superintendents” and “to encourage golf course employees to attend recognised classes of instruction in golf course management”

If you want your business to become ever more successful and you want a team around you that is loyal and trustworthy, one of the best investments you can make is to further educate your employees.

To educate employees is like reinvesting in a stock that offers you a great dividend and a long term upside. Yes, there is a chance that the stock will go south, and there is a chance an employee that you invest education dollars in will move on. However, the potential reward is a loyal workforce that is committed to improving themselves and your business.

Please find the information from Training Providers in NSW below:

Certificate II in Horticulture

Certificate III in Horticulture

Certificate IV in Horticulture

Diploma in Horticulture

Certificate III in Sports Turf Management

Certificate IV in Sports Turf Management

Diploma in Sports Turf Management

School Based Training

Financial Incentives Checklist

Horticulture (Turf) SB Apprenticeship

SBAT Employer

Additional Courses

Additional courses affiliated with Turf Management and offered at Ryde collection are:

SMARTtrain AQF2 license= Apply Chemical Under Supervision

SMARTtrain AQF3 license = Chemical Application

SMARTtrain AQF4 license = Chemical Risk Management

Chainsaw Operation Level 1

Operate a Skid Steer Loader

Operate Tractors

Irrigation Certificates II

Irrigation Certificate III

Irrigation Certificate IV