It is with great humility that NSW Golf Course Superintendents Association has accepted the Claude Crockford Environmental Award at the 29th Australian Turfgrass Conference, Twin Waters Resort on the Sunshine Coast. In 2012 the NSW Golf industry was put under the spotlight of State legislative organisations. The NSWGCSA created an initiative to inform and educate its members on environmental best practice when using pesticides. The Board invited its members to create a Pilot Program of which, 42 members joined and met for its first educational day held at Killara Golf Club. This award is in recognition of the 42 Clubs and their Superintendents commitment to the current issues. The Pilot Program is the first in the line of environmental awareness and sustainability that the NSW Golf Course Superintendents Association is developing, along with NSW Golf and the GMA, to further educate the members and their respective associations and the greater golfing public. The roll out of an Environment Minimum Standard in Pesticide Use folder has been given to all 42 members of the Pilot Program to assist in developing their own:

• Procurement of Pesticides Policy
• Standard Operating Procedure
– Pesticide delivery
– Inventory checks
– Storage manifests
– Disposal of waste, rinsate and containers
– Incident report procedures
– Spill response training
• Environmental Induction Process
• Pesticide Legislation Summary
• Prosecution Guidelines
• Pesticide application Diary

Once all members of the Pilot Program have received their folders they will be required to fill out a computer based Desk Top Audit. Then 10% of these members will be selected at random to undertake an onsite audit of the EMS Pesticide Use folder. The question has been asked, “Where do we go from here now?” It has been raised by many of the associations that the cost of the Pilot Program was out of reach for many Clubs to be a part of. We are currently addressing this matter and trying to get the costs feasible for all Clubs. In doing this we hope to get a greater participation, which was part of the expectation of legislative organisations in being self-regulatory. If we are able to achieve greater participation this will demonstrate that our industry is committed to the improvement of the environment by our actions. The founding members of the Pilot Program will be the Clubs that steer the direction of the EMS and Golf Course Environmental Sustainability with bi annual meetings and program development. As the program evolves, any future integrity issues will be addressed by this group collectively providing guidance towards achieving the best possible outcome. NSW Golf has been a very strong supporter of the program and a supporter of our Association and they hold all Superintendents and their staff’s dedication to their jobs in high esteem. I would like to acknowledge that this environmental initiative is not the creation of the current Board. It is a development of what the past Board and Presidents of your Association have created over the last twenty years and I would like to thank all the previous Presidents and Board members for their input.

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