Winners for the Rube Wakerden Day were:

• Rube Walkerden Trophy (net): Ryan Fury
• Presidents Trophy (scratch): Andy Hugill
• Peter Ingram Trophy (trade net): John McCafferty
• Paton Trophy (2B): Matt Goodbun & Dave Buchanan
• Assistant’s Trophy (net): Jason Martin

New Brighton Golf Club course superintendent Norm Foord has been bestowed the prestigious NSWGCSA Excellence in Turf Management Award. Foord, pictured collecting his award from NSWGCSA president Craig Molloy, received the award at last week’s NSWGCSA Annual General Meeting which was held at Roseville Golf Club (host superintendent Mark O’Sullivan).

Foord was one of a number of NSW superintendents recognised on the day, with the association also handing out service awards to the following members:

• Darren Jones (St Michaels Golf Club) – 10 years service
• David Thomson (Bermagui Country Club) – 10 years service
• Mark Clissold (Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club) – 20 years service
• Tony Webster (Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen’s Club) – 30 years.

At the AGM, Young Golf Club superintendent Dennis Young was also elevated to the Board. Although a non-election year, Young has joined the committee until next year’s elections following a vacancy left by Craig Wright who stood off the committee earlier this year.

Recently departed Royal Sydney Golf Club superintendent John Odell has been nominated for life membership of the New South Wales Golf Course Superintendents Association. The announcement came as around 110 of Odell’s friends and turf industry colleagues enjoyed an afternoon on Sydney Harbour on Wednesday to farewell a man who has played an integral role in the development of the Australian turf industry.

The announcement by NSWGCSA president Craig Molloy came as an emotional Odell was toasted and roasted for a turf management career that has spanned nearly four decades. The likes of Gary Dempsey, Bruce Kemp, Geoff Hatton, Graham Logan and Pat Pauli all paid tribute to Odell, while in true Martyn Black style the Castle Hill Country Club superintendent had penned an ode in honour of the man whom he first met as an apprentice at Pennant Hills Golf Club.

Odell, who up until last July was a member of the AGCSA Board, shocked the industry just before Christmas when he handed in his resignation at Royal Sydney Golf Club, finishing up on 31 January after 24 years at the club. Despite having just left the position, Odell has already decided on his next career move and will be setting up base in Young, NSW where he will be working his brother-in-law who runs the local abattoir and a cherry orchard.

The Cut was privileged to attend Wednesday’s function and below are some snaps from the event. More photos as well as Blackie’s ‘Ode to J.O.D’ will be printed in the upcoming March-April edition of Australian Turfgrass Management Journal. Congratulations John and all the best for the future!

A capacity field teed off in the annual NSWGCSA Ambrose held at the beautifully presented Vintage Golf Club on Monday the 7th of May. Players were greeted with a hearty breakfast prior to stepping out on the beautifully presented Santa Anna fairways. Steve Harris and his crew must be congratulated on the way the course was set up with the pin positions tough but fair and the greens rolling a treat.

The winners on the day with a sizzling score of 50 1/8 (16 under scratch) was the team of Andy Hugill, Scott Riley, Guy Thomas and Brett Woodward, who each took home the an iPad 3 presented by Henk Smith from Syngenta. Scratch winners for the day was the team of Jeff Bowtell, Ben Norton Smith, Justin Kellet and Mathew Chapman, who were presented with digital cameras by Chris Stig representing Pro Turf Machinery. Further prizes were awarded for the minor place getters as well as the nearest the pins and longest drives.

The Association would like to thank all our sponsors for whom without their generous support these days are not possible. Also big thanks to The Vintage Golf Club for providing an excellent venue.

The NSWGCSA would like to thank the sponsors of the day:
• Syngenta
• Pro Turf Machinery
• Everris
• Dad & Daves Turf Supplies
• Lindemans
• Flemming Golf

Golf Results


  • 1ST
  • 2ND
  • 3RD
  • 4TH
  • 5TH
  • 6TH
  • 7TH
  • 8TH
  • 9TH
  • Andy Hugill Scott Riley Gut Thomas Brett Woddwood 50 1/8
  • Matthew Goodburn Matthew Sinclair Jason Sutton Nick Brady 52 3/8
  • Mark O’Sullivan David Rayner Andrew White Steve Mallyon 54 7/8
  • Lee Goldie Luke Iredal Gavin Fazio Jason Booth 56 1/4
  • Bradley Glen Tim Allen Steve Oleary Keiran Dewberry 56 3/4
  • Ben Miller David Stone Brendan Walsh Russell Morsillo 57 1/4
  • Michael Bradbury Ian Thompson Jason Martin Ben Taylor 58 1/2
  • Brian Ridge Tim Worthington Spencer Davison 67 1/2
  • Patrick Madden Brett Hoffman Paige Finegan Henk Smith 67 1/8
  • NTP 5TH Nick Bradley
  • 8TH Damien Murrell
  • 12TH Scott Riley
  • 17TH Peter Donkers
  • 5TH
  • 6TH
  • LD 9TH Luke Roberts
  • 16TH Natahn Brabury
  • 9TH


  • 1ST
  • 2ND
  • 3RD
  • 4TH
  • Jeff Bowtell Ben Norton Smith Justin Kellet Mathew Chapman 60
  • Craig Molloy Mathew Coles Mark Johnson Michael Dundas 61
  • Merv Haywood Luke Roberts Kurt Barnes Zach Mullins 61
  • Damien Murrel Richard Simmer Ed Groot Bobby Lee 63

The NSW Golf Course Superintendents Association is ready to launch the Environmental Minimum Standards Program in March 2013.

Please find a link to the information video. Click Here. We urge all superintendents to show their support for this program.

It is possible to express your interest which is reported to the NSW EPA, as a superintendent. If you require board or club management approval before committing you should still register your interest.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me on or 0412 516 428.

The NSW Golf Course Superintendents Association Board of Directors has appointed a new Interim President after the shock resignation of Craig Molloy who has accepted the position of General Manager at his current club. Martin O’Malley of Lynwood Golf Club has accepted the position of President for the Association, which is to be confirmed at the AGM later this year. We welcome Martin’s enthusiasm to the role.

Martin has worked as Golf Course Manager at Riverside Oaks and a Golf Course Superintendent at Lynwood Country Club. Martin has been looking after the portfolio of Environment since his appointment to the board in 2009. Martin will carry on from Craig Molloy with introduction of the Environmental Minimum Standards program to all the golf courses in New South Wales and represent the Association best interests.

There has also been a little reshuffle of the portfolios, the details are all as below:-
Martin O’Malley
• President 
• Environment

Ryan Fury
• Secretary

Steve Jacobsen
• Treasurer

• Malcolm Harris
• Education
• Awards

Matthew Goodbun
• Newsletter

Stuart Hall
• Advertising
• Sponsorship
• Merchandise

Dennis Grounds
• Field Days

Shane George
• Field Days

Alison Jones
• Administration
• Membership
• Environment

The Board of Directors would also like you to be aware that there are vacancies; you could take this as an opportunity to learn more about the golf industry whilst giving back to your fellow associates. The association has administration support for all directors. Should you be interested in give the association your dedication please feel free to contact any of the board.


It is with great humility that NSW Golf Course Superintendents Association has accepted the Claude Crockford Environmental Award at the 29th Australian Turfgrass Conference, Twin Waters Resort on the Sunshine Coast. In 2012 the NSW Golf industry was put under the spotlight of State legislative organisations. The NSWGCSA created an initiative to inform and educate its members on environmental best practice when using pesticides. The Board invited its members to create a Pilot Program of which, 42 members joined and met for its first educational day held at Killara Golf Club. This award is in recognition of the 42 Clubs and their Superintendents commitment to the current issues. The Pilot Program is the first in the line of environmental awareness and sustainability that the NSW Golf Course Superintendents Association is developing, along with NSW Golf and the GMA, to further educate the members and their respective associations and the greater golfing public. The roll out of an Environment Minimum Standard in Pesticide Use folder has been given to all 42 members of the Pilot Program to assist in developing their own:

• Procurement of Pesticides Policy
• Standard Operating Procedure
– Pesticide delivery
– Inventory checks
– Storage manifests
– Disposal of waste, rinsate and containers
– Incident report procedures
– Spill response training
• Environmental Induction Process
• Pesticide Legislation Summary
• Prosecution Guidelines
• Pesticide application Diary

Once all members of the Pilot Program have received their folders they will be required to fill out a computer based Desk Top Audit. Then 10% of these members will be selected at random to undertake an onsite audit of the EMS Pesticide Use folder. The question has been asked, “Where do we go from here now?” It has been raised by many of the associations that the cost of the Pilot Program was out of reach for many Clubs to be a part of. We are currently addressing this matter and trying to get the costs feasible for all Clubs. In doing this we hope to get a greater participation, which was part of the expectation of legislative organisations in being self-regulatory. If we are able to achieve greater participation this will demonstrate that our industry is committed to the improvement of the environment by our actions. The founding members of the Pilot Program will be the Clubs that steer the direction of the EMS and Golf Course Environmental Sustainability with bi annual meetings and program development. As the program evolves, any future integrity issues will be addressed by this group collectively providing guidance towards achieving the best possible outcome. NSW Golf has been a very strong supporter of the program and a supporter of our Association and they hold all Superintendents and their staff’s dedication to their jobs in high esteem. I would like to acknowledge that this environmental initiative is not the creation of the current Board. It is a development of what the past Board and Presidents of your Association have created over the last twenty years and I would like to thank all the previous Presidents and Board members for their input.

By Mark Schroder, Liverpool Golf Club

On Thursday 19 December, 2013, about 50 people including fellow Golf Course Superintendents, industry representatives including Mr Peter Frewin, AGCSA General Manager attended a very informative morning lead by Dr John Kaminski from Penn State University. This day was proudly sponsored and put on by Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd, in conjunction with the NSW Golf Course Superintendents Association & ST A NSW . Thanks very much Nadeem Zreikat for organising such a top morning and quality International speaker.

‘A very big congratulation’s also goes out to you Nadeem and your beautiful wife for the safe arrival of your first child, a baby boy’.

Dr John focused the morning on stresses the turf plant is basically under, due in some cases to natural localised environmental conditions and associated micro-climates, but there was also a focus on how cultural practices & perceived expectations have added to the load for the modern day Golf Course Superintendent. Dr Kaminski emphasised the need to adapt to ways of reducing plant stress such asmowing heights, rolling more, nutritional plant needs and careful selection of suitable cultivar for the given climatic conditions and associated management stresses.

Dr John focused on specific disease pathogens and practical ways to reduce the impact of such diseases. Fungicide selection including rotation and combinations was discussed specific to pathogen.

Discussion on specifics such as Anthracnose, Rhizoctonia, Dollar Spot and Thatch Collapse, which tends to be more of an issue further south in Melbourne. It was great to see a good number of Victorians in attendance. Well done guys for making the effort. There was also a short discussion on Social Media and the part it has to play now and into the future from a practical turf management prospective. This form of communication cannot be ignored. I am a natural sceptic of social media such as Face book, Twitter, Blogs and the like, but even an old dinosaur like myself is coming around to this being the 21st century way, forget the man of the 20th century as that era has passed. Sorry Blacky, Sully & the like. Nadeem was saying the primary reason Dr John was in Australia was because of his personal contact with Nadeem on Social Media. I encourage all to get on board and take the twitter challenge, yours truly not excluded. In 2013 Dr Kaminski also launched a free mobile App called Turf path with the primary aim of helping us turf professionals better manage our own unique turf-grass situation. I for one will definitely be downloading this App.

Once again, thanks Nadeem for instigating Dr John Kaminski’s Australian visit and also for sponsoring such a great informative workshop forum for the benefit of all who were able to attend. A big thank-you to Russell Fletcher and St Michaels Golf Club for the venue and their warm hospitality.

Steven Jacobsen

As we look back at the summer of golf tournaments, big and small, that have been held around the country it is well deserved congratulations that need to go to all Superintendents and their crews for the magnificent way that all the courses have been presented and the way that these efforts represent our industry. Considering the different extremes of weather being experienced across the country it is even more of an achievement. In our backyard we were well represented by Martyn Black at Castle Hill Country Club with the NSW Open and Steve Marsden at Royal Sydney Golf Club with the Australian Open.

At this time we are about to set dates for workshops to assess the results from the Environmental Compliance Pilot Program. The dates and venues for the 3 workshops will be announced shortly after the next Board meeting in mid February. These workshops will allow the NSWG CSA to then make informed decisions about the future direction of a ‘Minimum Standards Compliance Program’ to be rolled out for all NSW golf clubs to be a part of.

While listening to Dr John Kaminski last month, I was reminded that it is the core work that we undertake during spring renovations and the period following that sets us up for the rest of the summer season because once we see disease it is too late, the damage is done. In the few weeks since hearing Dr Kaminski, with the weather making our life’s harder for everyone (just the location varies); it has occurred to me that we should try to get back to some of the core goals that prompted the forming of our Association to start with. As I see it, the 2 biggest things were to promote our profession and for a framework that allowed Superintendents to get together to share ideas and lend mutual support to other members. With this in mind and a suggestion made by Mark Parker some time back, I intend to pursue the viability of a get together for Superintendents only in an open forum where any topic is open for discussion, all questions are invited because hopefully someone can provide an answer and to determine what widespread issues that we are currently aware of need to be addressed. Part of this proposal will include repeating this in regional areas as appropriate to also highlight regional specific problems that the NSWG CSA or AGCSA can help to address. The ‘Minimum Standard Compliance Pilot Program’ will also be on the agenda to gain feedback and thoughts from the wider membership before we proceed with releasing it any further. Experience has shown me that when there are only Superintendents in the room discussion becomes a lot more open about the things that cause us grief and this is what we as Superintendents need to have more often. This opportunity is available to myself and the others on the NSWGCSA Board at the end of each quarterly meeting or in the numerous phone calls to each other or to other Superintendents that we have reason to speak with. A lot of Superintendents do regularly get together or talk to neighbouring Superintendents, but I want to try to upscale this to make it more common across the industry again as in days gone by, because you only have to learn or pick-up one thing that helps and it is worth the effort to you and your employer.

Hopefully everyone had a good Christmas and a good start to the New Year and we can all hang in there until the weather changes in our favour. Remember we can only do what we can, with the resources available and the health of yourself and your family is by far the most important thing in life.